Please read our Sales Contract.  If you buy a puppy/dog
from us, you are automatically  agreeing to the terms of
this contract whether you sign it or not.  We reserve the
right NOT to sell to anyone.
                                                                              SALES CONTRACT

    When you purchase a puppy/dog from me, you are automatically agreeing to my contract whether you sign it or not.

    Contract between the Seller, Peace Creek Mini Australian Shepherds, and Buyer______________________________ .

    Said puppy/dog is sold to Buyer on_____________, at the total price  of   $_____________.     A deposit of

    $_____________ was placed on said puppy/dog on the date  of_____________, leaving a balance of $___________
    (plus shipping if puppy is to be shipped) due in CASH when puppy is picked up.  Deposits are nonrefundable and
    nontransferable.  In case of the puppy's demise or injury, the buyer may choose another puppy or wait until the next available
    litter to choose another one of equal value.  The buyer will have two weeks after the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age to pick
    up or ship the puppy or the deposit is forfeited, unless special arrangements are made on an individual basis.  We cannot
    guarantee the size of any puppy.



    Date of Birth_______________ Sex__________ Color______________________________________

    A. To the best of my knowledge, said puppy/dog is in healthy and sound condition at the time of sale.  Buyer has
    48 hours from the time of delivery/pickup to have a vet check done on said puppy.  Vet check must be done by a
    licensed veterinarian.  Buyer is required to have a licensed veterinarian administer two more puppy vaccines to said
    puppy if not already given by the breeder.  Parvo and distemper vaccines must be given at two to four week
    intervals following first vaccine given by the breeder.  If Buyer fails to have the vet check done within 48 hours
    or fails to continue the vaccines as stated above, any and all obligations offered by the seller to replace said dog/
    puppy for any reason will be considered null and void.  Keep all medical records and shot records from your vet.
         B. All puppies/dogs are sold as PET QUALITY ONLY.  This does not mean they are not show/breed quality, but      
    they are sold no registration unless prior arrangements are made with an additional fee for breeding
    rights on select dogs/puppies.   Seller REQUIRES spaying/neutering your pet for it's (and your) health,              
    happiness, and safety as part of this contract.  We cannot guarantee the adult size of any puppy.
    C.  Health guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external, as these are treatable conditions.
    D.  Only untreatable, fatal genetic diseases or defects will be considered.   Each case is dealt with individually at the         
    discretion of the Seller.  At NO TIME will Seller refund money, and Seller is in no way responsible for any vet bills made
    after puppy/dog leaves the care of Peace Creek Mini Australian Shepherds.   In the event that a covered problem should
    arise with said puppy/dog, it shall be replaced with a puppy of equal value from the next available litter,  provided that
    said puppy/dog has been returned to the Seller in the same condition as it was sold.  Buyer must provide a
    letter and all medical records from all licensed veterinarians that have seen the puppy/dog that states the
    condition of puppy/dog. Seller has the right to consult another veterinarian.  SELLER WILL NOT REFUND
    MONEY IN ANY SITUATION.   Shipping is always the responsibility of Buyer, even in the event a puppy is to be sent
    back and/or replaced. Any and all vet bills are the responsibility of Buyer with NO EXCEPTIONS.  THERE WILL BE NO
    REFUND GIVEN IF A BUYER "CHANGES HIS/HER MIND".    Buying a puppy is a huge responsibility....please
    BE SURE!!!  We will gladly take the puppy back, and possibly trade it for a different puppy, depending on the
    situation,  but there will be NO REFUNDS.
         E. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a serious condition in smaller breeds which can cause the death of very small puppies.
    This is a treatable condition and is caused by too much activity and/or too little food, and is within the buyers' control. It is the  
    sole  responsibility of the buyer to prevent/treat this condition. There will be no refund due to loss of this condition.
    F.  All shipping costs related to any puppy/dog being purchased, as well as in relationship to any puppy/dog being
    replaced for any reason, are the responsibility of the Buyer.  Seller shall not be responsible for death or injury of any       
    puppy/dog due to negligence or carelessness of any airline or other live animal carrier, it's agents or employees,
    or  the  Buyer.
    G. This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of
    venue shall be Polk County, Florida.   I, the undersigned Buyer, have  read, understand, and agree with all of the
    terms and conditions set forth in this contract.  I have read Florida Statute, section 828.29.
         H.  If at any time during the life of this animal you are unable to keep or care for it, you are requested to return it to us to
  re-home and no monies will be refunded in this situation.

    Breeder's Signature:_____________________________________________________Date____________________

    Buyer's Signature____________________________________________________________Date_______________

    Buyer's Address:_______________________________________________________________________________

    City:____________________________________________________________ State:________ Zip:____________

    Buyer's Phone:_________________________Buyer's email address___________________________________    
It is the consumers right, pursuant to section 828.29, Florida Statutes, to receive a
certificate of veterinary inspection with each dog or cat purchased from a pet dealer. Such
certificate shall list all vaccines and deworming medications administered to the animal and
shall state that the animal has been examined by a Florida-licensed veterinarian who
certifies that, to the best of his knowledge, the animal was found to have been healthy at
the time of the veterinary examination. In the event that the consumer purchases the animal
and finds it to have been unfit for purchase as provided in section 828.29(5), Florida
Statutes, the consumer must notify the pet dealer within 2 business days of the
veterinarian's determination that the animal was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain,
return, or exchange the animal and receive reimbursement for certain related veterinary
services rendered to the animal, subject to the right of the dealer to have the animal
examined by another veterinarian.
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