Overlands Rusty Spur,  AKC/ASDR,.
One blue eye, one amber eye.
Proven producer of both red and black
blue eyed tris..  Too big for our program.
Sire:   Overlands Azul Americano
Dam:  Overlands Watercolors
Sire of Jeannie, Scarf, Sugar, & Navy
Mockingbirds Lookin Up
(at Peace Creek) aka
"Looker,"   Valhalla bred.  
Sire of Bonnie, Little Man &
Sweet Pea.  Has  sired
many double blue eyed tris!
Peace Creek's High Roller aka "Roly"  ASDR/NAMASCUSA.
Son of Kyu,  I was going to neuter him as my
grand-daughter's (Brittani) pet but he produced 7 out of 8
blue eyed tri pups w/Patsy.  He literally saved his nuggets!!!   
He sired 5 champions in one litter.  Red factored.  Also the
sire of Intl CH Peace Creek's Joker's Wild & Intl CH Peace
Creek's Twist of Fate. DOB 3/28/07 ASDR, NAMASCUSA
Lane's Kiowa Kyu at Peace Creek "Kyu" -
he's retired to a pet home to be a lap dog.
14 1/2 " NSDR/ASDR
Kyu is Roly's & Cheetoh's sire.
Peace Creek's Little Bear
14"   ASDR. Sires small minis and toys with
great heads.    Also retired to a pet home to
be a lap dog since his puppies are so small
and we don't breed specifically for toys.
International Champion
Peace Creek's DoubleTake
aka "Panda"    AKC/ASDR
NAMASCUSA  pending. Son
of Marty and Harley.  Panda
has sired some of the most
beautiful pups we've ever
had and has an absolutely
wonderful personality. He
also has a beautiful head,
gorgeous coat & great
bone!!!  Very typey.  Red
factored.  BET CARRIER.
DOB 1/4/08  

PRA/PRCD   normal/clear
MDR1        mutant/normal
OFA              pending
CERF            pending
HC                pending
Peace Creek's In High Cotton aka
"Cotton", stocky and heavy boned.   
AKC/ASDR.  Son of Harley and
brother of Luna, half brother of
Panda & Dallas.  He has also
produced blue eyed tris.  Red
factored.  Sire of Peace Creek's
Classic Cowboy.

International Puppy CH.
Peace Creek's Lookin So Fine
(aka Little Man). 14 1/2 inches
Peace Creek's Tigereye
Son of CH Schaffert's Magic (BET). Tiger has
produced numerous blue eyed tris and is the sire of
"Sable" & Int. Puppy Ch. Brassy Acres Mariah of
Peace Creek.  ASDR, eligible for NSDR.  Retired to a
pet home with lots of kids, but too big to be a lap dog.
Please read our Sales Contract.  If you buy a
puppy/dog from us, you are automatically  agreeing
to the terms of this contract whether you sign it or
not.   We reserve the right NOT to sell to anyone.  I
also reserve the right to first pick from any litter for

Intl Puppy CH. & adult Intl CH
Peace Creek's Twist of Fate
"Twister" , NAMASCUSA/ ASDR, Twister is from a litter of 7
out of 8 blue eyed tris.  His dam, Patsy, is a double blue eyed
tri, as is her dam, her sire and grandsire,  "Ghost Eyes".  
Twister's sire produces LOTS of blue eyed tris.  We've waited
(seems like forever) for him to grow up  He's nice and stocky
with perfectly symmetrical markings, and TWO blue eyes.  
Can't wait to see what we get!!!  His first litter is with Dallas,
who has produced BET's in the past.   See their daughter,
Tipper,  aka Peace Creek's On the Rocks with a Twist  on the
dam's page.
Peace Creek's Cheetoh
Son of Babes & Kyu.
14 1/2 inches. Good medium bone.
Great puppies from toys to large
minis. but since we don't want to raise
toys, Cheetoh has retired to a pet
Peace Creek's Double
Exposure   aka  "Junior"
because he looks and
acts just like his dad.
Fabulous coat and head.
Son of Marty and Silver
 Very typey & red
factored. DOB 10-2-2010
Miniature Australian Shepherds
in Florida
Congratulations to our Int'l  CH  Peace Creek's Doubletake -"Panda"
Many Thanks to Mary & John Rutkowski, Robyn Lauck, & my little Britt!!
Oct 1-2, 2011
Orlando, FL
2011 Sunshine Autumn Sieger
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Rest well, my Little Man.  You will be
forever missed and never forgotten.
You were taken from me much too soon.
I miss you.
See his Puppies  below -   we'll be
keeping these, Parker & Little Man.  
DOB 10/25/11.   Red factored.  Parker  
is co-owned with my good friend,
Devin @ WillaBerry Toy Aussies &
will fit perfectly into his toy breeding
program.  Parker has now sired a red
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14 wks
His short life was ended prematurely by  
a neighbors PIT BULL on our own
Peace Creek's Little Bit of
Blue at WillaBerry, aka
Parker- 12 inches, 12 lb.  
Red factored Outstanding
personality! These two
boys' dam is Stache.  He
has now sired a blue eyed
tri!!! ASDR  
Peace Creek's Shoulda  Been a Cowboy will also be
called "Little Man" as was his father.  Very solid &
masculine small mini-just like his dad was. Fantastic
coat!  DOB 10/25/11.  14 inches at 10 months old.  
Super personality & attitude.   Red factored.  ASDR
Peace Creek's Sunset
Flash, AKC Standard
Red Merle 22 inches
tall.  Sire of Silver Belle
(on dam's page) & Sylar
(on Happy Families
 Rest in peace,
Beautiful, Sweet, Gentle
Flash!  You'll always live
on in our hearts.  
Peace Creek's Classic Cowboy
Bred by Peace Creek - Son of Jolly & Cotton
PRA/PRCD - normal/clear;  MDR1 - normal/normal;  HC - n/n;  CERF - pend;  Hips (too young)
6 wks
4 wks
8 wks
12 wks
10 wks
10 wks
7 months
7 months
pic courtesy of Judy Linder
pic courtesy of Judy Linder
pic courtesy of Mary Rutkowski
pic courtesy of Mary Rutkowski
pic courtesy of Mary Rutkowski
pic courtesy of Mary Rutkowski
We love you Cotton &
Looker,  you're both
greatly missed. Both of
these boys were
poisoned in their pens by
unknown persons.

International CH. Peace Creek Joker's Wild
DAM:  Peace Creek's Rainbow
SIRE:  Peace Creek's High Roller (sire of many champions)
Joker also produces blue eyed tris!
Peace Creek Dealer's Choice - aka "Dealer"
Black tri with 2 blue eyes. Son of Patsy and Roly.
Littermate to "Shay".  Full brother to Twister, Keeper,
Topaz, Jolly & Jewel...all champions.... and littermate to
Shay.   ASDR, DOB 7/22/12, Red factored.
Joker, raised as my
granddaughter's pet and velcro
companion, suddenly
blossomed into a beautiful
mature dog.
Hopefully, he'll be siring some
beautiful puppies too!  He has a
superb coat, great head, great
bone, wonderful personality, and
awesome conformation along
with a head full of good sense.  
Son of Roly and Rainbow.  ASDR
Joker produces Blue Eyed
Tris too!  
Peace Creek's Bodacious aka "Bo".  Son of Belle
and Panda. NBT.  Red Factored.  DOB 5/19/11.
Brother to Peace Creek's Serendipity aka  
"Sara" and 1/2 brother to "Junior",  He always looks
like he's winking at you,  
Peace Creek's Mr. Majestyk aka Marty.  
AKC/ASDR,  Son of Bluebell Hollow's Lil Bitty
and DarWalk's Tonto.  Sire of Panda, Junior,
Smooch, Copper and Chip. Produces toys up to
large minis with lots of collars and beautiful
coats and heads, along with great bone &
temperament.  He has also produced blue eyed
tris. Red factored.
Retired to a pet home.  
Peace Creek's Double Your Options, aka
Copper.   AKC Aust. Shepherd, son of Marty and
Harley, full brother to Panda & Chip.  16",  DOB
email us:
Peace Creek Aces High,
aka Trey, son of Gracie and Roly.  BET carrier.   
DOB 7/12/12  
2 yrs
Peace Creek's Little Bit of
Blue aka Parker- 12 inches,
12 lb.  These two boys'
dam is Stache.  He has
now sired a blue eyed tri!!!
ASDR. DOB 10/25/11
Devin at  WillaBerry Toy
Aussies.   WillaBerrys.com
Peace Creek's Shoulda  
Been a Cowboy
will also be called "Little
Man" as was his father.
Littermate to Parker, sired
by PC Lookin So Fine. Very
solid & masculine small
mini-just like his dad was.
Red factored.  ASDR,  DOB
10/25/11    14 inches tall
2 yrs