Pawsranch Dallas of
Caraisma  aka
Dallas, blue eyed tri
producer.  Dam of  
Scarf , Sugar &
Tipper. AKC/ASDR

Pojo's Makin Harley
Time  aka   Harley,
of Dallas, Panda, Luna,
Cotton, Chip, Copper &
Sylar (Sylar is on the
Happy Families Page)
Peace Creek's Silver
Belle  aka  Belle.   
ASDR. MASCA pending.
NBT. Dtr of Reba &
Flash. Has gorgeous
fluffy pups!
Dam of "Junior", Sara,
Bo. Red factored.

Peace Creek's Kiss
and Tell aka Smooch.
Dtr of Marty.ASDR.
MASCA pending.
Absolutely gorgeous
litters with Panda. Dam
of Stache.  

Peace Creek's Full of
Grace  aka  Sable, blue
eyed tri,  ASDR.
Daughter of Gracie &
Tiger.  Red factored.
International Puppy CH Peace Creek's Bonnie Blue,
Daughter of Bluebell Hollow's Lil Bitty and Looker.  
Littermate to "Little Man",  full sister to Sweet Pea, and
half sister (through Bitty) to Marty and Tonna.  Very
feminine but solid with great bone & a gorgeous head &
expression.   AKC/ASDR  DOB June 30, 2009.  My pride
and joy!!!  I  just LOVE this little girl and her sister, Sweet
Bonnie & Little Man
center:  Scarf & Sugar,
both 20"       
bottom:  Sugar
Dallas' and Rusty's
daughters, Harley's
granddaughters.  Both
have two blue eyes, and
both Dallas, their dam, and
Rusty, their sire, produce
BET's, so these girls can
carry the gene for it.  
AKC/ASDR.  Dallas and
Rusty have had several
red blue eyed tris in the
past, and two in this litter.  
DOB Aug, 2009.  
Gregory's Gracie- Dam of
Patsy, JJ, Rainbow, and
Sable.  Double blue eyed
tri.  Patsy and JJ's litter
had 5 BET's out of 5 pups. ,
NSDR, ASDR.  Grnddam of
6 Champions.  Red
"Ring around the Rosy"
Scarf, Bonnie, & Sugar
Please read our Sales Contract.  If you buy a
puppy/dog from us, you are automatically  agreeing
to the terms of this contract whether you sign it or
not.  We reserve the right NOT to sell to anyone.  I
also reserve the right to first pick from any litter for
Harley has produced two puppies (from different sires) that we know of that have "medical
abilities".  Sylar alerts to his owner's respiratory spasms -before they happen -and will also alert
to dogs or puppies that have worms.    Darla alerts to her toy poodle "brother's" seizures -also
before they happen- and  discovered a malignant growth on the back of her owner's leg.
We're very proud of them and would like to learn to develop their talents to help others.
International Puppy CH.
Peace Creek Jewels Made
in Heaven  (Jolly)
Dam: Peace Creek's
Amazing Grace (Patsy)   
Granddam: Gregory's
Sire:  Peace Creek's High
Roller  (Roly).  Littermate of
Twister, Keeper and Topaz
Classic Cowboy.
DOB Jan 29, 2010
Peace Creek Kiss Me Or
aka "STACHE"
Daughter of Smooch and
Panda, 15", jet black,
great bone, and sweet as
can be.  Excellent head
and conformation.  Red
factored.  Dam of Little
Bit of Blue (Parker), and
Shoulda Been a Cowboy,
(Little Man II). DOB 7/17/10
Lane's Peace Creek Taz
14 1/2 inches.   NBT
Lane's Peace Creek
14 1/2 inches, NBT
Lane's Peace Creek
Cookie  15 1/2 inches
NBT  Retired
Peace Creek's I'm No
Sissy aka"Sissy" - 15
inch daughter of
Freckles and Kyu.  Has
very small puppies no
matter who she's bred
to. Red factored. ASDR
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Shepherds in Florida
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Peace Creek's Amazing
Grace - "Patsy"
Another daughter of Gracie.
Majority of her tri puppies
have blue eyes. Dam of
Twister, Keeper, Jolly,
Jewel, Topaz, Shay &
Dealer.   All of her
daughters are also dams of
blue eyed tris.  Dam of 6
champions.  Older
Pups/Adults page.
Bluebell Hollows Lil Bitty
AKC,   Bitty is the dam
of Marty, Tonna,
LittleMan, Bonnie &
Sweet Pea.  She has
wonderful puppies with
great bone &
conformation, beautiful
coats and heads, and
super outgoing
personalities.   Retired
Peace Creek's Saving
Grace..(aka JJ)
Dam of numerous double
BET's    Retired
Peace Creek's Blue Cinder
NBT  Retired
Peace Creek's Rainbow
retired to a pet home.
Dam of Intl CH Peace
Creek's Joker's Wild.
Peace Creek's Rica
Dtr of Cookie &
Cotton.  Red factored,  
16 1/2 inches.  Dam of
Sara,  Nona,  and Stache  on 10/04/12
18 mo.
International Puppy CH
Peace Creek's Keeper of the
Stars aka "Keeper".
Dtr of Patsy & Roly.  
Littermate to Intl CH Jolly,
Intl CH Peace Creek's Twist
of Fate, Multi CH Brassy
Acres' Peace Creek Jewel,
Intl CH Lazy D's Peace Creek
Mystic Topaz, & 1/2 sister to
Brassy Acres' Peace Creek
Mariah. Double BET, Red
DOB 1/29/10   
Red tri female, deep mahogany
red, amber eyes,
Dtr of Scarf and Panda, looks
just like grandma Dallas.
DOB 7/12/12  AKC/ASDR
"Scarlett" - high hopes for this
girl!  Scarlett will be co-owned
and live with my great-niece,
Dakota - age 13, in Georgia.
Dakota eventually wants to
show and will begin training in
the obedience and agility
program with 4H  in Valdosta,
Peace Creek's On The Rocks With a Twist -  aka
"Tipper"- DOB 6/22/12  ASDR
Red tri daughter of Dallas & Twister, Harley & Patsy
are her grandmothers.  2 bright blue eyes. Bred to  
Dealer for blue eyed tris.
Peace Creek's State of
Grace aka "Shay",
littermate to "Dealer".
Black tri with 2 bright
blue eyes. Daughter of
Patsy & Roly.  Full
sister to Dealer, Twist,
Keeper, Topaz, Jolly &
Jewel....all Champions.
ASDR,  DOB 7/22/12
5 months
4 1/2  months
Peace Creek's Red Lilly
Peace Creek's Little Luna
Toy size daughter of
Harley and MickeyD.,litter
mate to Cotton.  Retired
Red merle female, one blue eye, one green.  NBT.  Great
conformation but yet feminine.  Very intelligent and
attentive.  Exceptional! "Sara" - Champion sired.  Dtr of
Intl CH Panda & Silver Belle, littermate to Bodacious.  
ASDR, DOB 5/19/11.
8 months
Peace Creek's Ricochet
aka "Rikki".  Loved &
spoiled by my
granddaughter, Robbyn,
her name might just as
easily have been
"mischief".  14" package
of energy.  ASDR  
Peace Creek's Painted Lady
aka  "Sweet Pea".  She's a
full sister to Bonnie and
Little Man and could be their
twin.  Vivacious & outgoing,
she's loved by one and all.   
Very feminine, but very
solid, fast and agile.  Looking
for a new male from outside
lines to breed to her and
Bonnie.    AKC/ASDR  DOB  
Aug. 4, 2010
Peace Creek's
Blues aka
"Summer"  - Dtr of
Rica & Bodacious.
She never got the
"puppy uglies".  
DOB 5/23/13
"Penelope", daughter
of Rikki & Bodacious.  
DoB 5/20/13.  Toy.  Will
be bred to Parker in
the future.  Scaled
down version of a true
Standard Australian
Shepherd with correct
proportions and no
"toy features". ASDR
6 months
6 months
Smack dab in the middle
of "puppy uglies"...the
gangly gawky stage!
Peace Creek's Serendipity aka Sarah
Peace Creek's Miley,
sister of Lilly
Peace Creek's Sassy, dtr of Harley and Marty.  
AKC.  Red factored.  
Please Scroll Down
for reference dams
and our retired girls.
ICE National & International Champion
Peace Creek's Hot Topic, aka "Happy", daughter
of Sassy and Little Man's first litter.  Gorgeous
red tri girl that's chunky and blocky.  Beautiful
markings & conformation!!  DOB 4/11/14