Hey Charlotte,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for Kicks. He is doing great and we just started puppy
classes and he is taking in everything very well. We did some agility the other day and he
enjoys going thru the tunnel and the small jumps. We have taken some pics of him so we just
wanted to share them with you.
Sire:  Peace Creek's Tigereye
Dam: Peace Creek's
Amazing           Grace  (Patsy)
Kicks is Mariah's & Lily's
(below) littermate!
Mariah is doing GREAT!!  She is allowed to go out in my yard now and hang with
my other dogs and she LOVES it!  Such a great dog......I am so thankful for her!  
Had her eyes done on Sunday and they were CERF Clear/Normal.  I will start
working with her on stacking and practicing for the shows coming up this
winter!  I cant wait to show her!!
Nicole Dalton
Brassy Acres Paint and Quarter Horses
NSDR/ASDR Registered Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds
I just wanted to let you know that I just love my dog!  She is so sweet and kind!  She never barks and is the lover
of my pack!  I have started taking her out to the horses with me and she just sits and waits for me!  Such a good
girl!  She is really going thru the teenage gangly stage right now but I am hoping to show her in Dec at the IABCA
show, but we shall see!  Her ears have really taken a nice shape and lay very pretty.  I am just very pleased with
her and thank you very much for her!  PLEASE let me know if you get another double blue eyed tri female or
even a single blue eyed red tri!  Thanks again!!
Nicole Dalton
Brassy Acres Paint and Quarter Horses
NSDR/ASDR Registered Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds
See Chance's Blog
by Theresa Severtson &  Chance
Peace Creek's Chance Encounter   Sire: Overlands Rusty Spur    Dam: Pawsranch Dallas of Caraisma
Dear Charlotte,

We just wanted to touch base with you again and thank you from
the bottom of our hearts for our son, Sylar!!  At almost 10 months
now we're amazed on almost a daily basis how very "scary smart"
he is.  I've honestly never ever seen, or even imagined for that
matter, that a breed could be SO very intelligent.  Equally amazing
is the fact that he's ridiculously easy to train.  From the time we
brought him home at 8 weeks it seems as though he's learned
faster than us.  He was "potty" trained within a day, could sit/stay
within just a few minutes AND HE REMEMBERS EACH AND
EVERY NEW CHALLENGE!!  He's absolutely amazing.  Sylar has
the most loveable and passionate personality with those beautiful
crystal blue eyes that have a connection directly to our
hearts...he's such a devoted creature and is so eager to please, it's
unbelievable.   He helps to pull weeds in the flower bed and stacks
them on the pile on the sidewalk--I'm thinking of firing my
gardener!  Ha!  Another of many examples of this guy's
intelligence: recently my daughter was putting down plastic in an
area to receive wall texturing and as she was finishing an area,
Sylar ran to the other room and retrieved a new packet of plastic
and took it to her to continue.  He was so pleased with himself he
could hardly stand because he had the "wiggle butt" so hard.  It
was amazing and hilarious at the same time...we were dumb
struck!  And he's always at our sides unless he's checking on or
playing with his sister, Gracie (indoor cat).  She tolerates the
existence of a "lowly canine" in her presence, and try as she may
to be indignant with his antics, she can't resist chasing him
through the house and playing peek-a-boo!  They both fret over
the wellbeing and whereabouts of each other, too.  Gracie can't
stand other kitties, but she loves her Sylar!

His classes are going GREAT!  He's done "Senior puppy"
(obedience), "Basic" (obedience), and "Novice Rally" so far.  One
of the instructors is a judge and she said he's going to go very
well.  All of his scores have qualified him to compete (90's
percentile).  We're going to do advanced obedience and then
agility.....can't wait.  

We absolutely love this little guy (46 pounds) and can't imagine not
having him in our lives.  Thank you so much for this loveable, laid
back bundle of joy!  Great choice in choosing his parents, by the
way!  I'm forwarding you some pix and more to come.

Many thanks!!    
Hi Charlotte...

The only thing I am bummed about is not being able to have met  
you....as far as our new little man Trooper....HE IS FANTASTIC!!!!
Chris said he was able to briefly talk to you today and tell you how  
he is doing but I wanted to tell you myself and send pictures.

The minute they got home (early this morning ;-0) he has been a
breath  of fresh air.  We named him Trooper because any pup that can
that much time in a car with such patience is a trooper.  He is so  
full of love for everyone and so smart.

Bailey, our Border Collie, has not stopped wagging his tail since  
Trooper arrived.  Piper (our daughter) is totally in love, Trooper  
just follows her around with such a willingness to please attitude. We  
spent the day taking him shopping for some toys and a nice walk to  
meet all the neighbors.  He is now sound asleep at my feet :-)

After our previous "puppy experience" I was full of fear but the  
second he smothered me with those puppy kisses, those fears melted

Thank you so much for entrusting this precious life to us and for  
giving us a boy that brings such life and love to our home.
I will keep you posted on how wonderful he is........Raindi, Chris, and

.Hi Charlotte...
Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of our precious boy
He is healthy and wonderful....full of puppy life!
He's up to 20 pounds, loves ice cubes, and thinks Piper (our daughter)
is the greatest thing ever.
Trooper and Bailey are the best of friends...you won't find one without
the other.
He loves shoes, pens, paper, bones, balls and without a doubt-stuffed
animals!!!!!! :-)
Thank you again for our baby boy who's been an unbelievable gift.
Raindi, Chris and Piper      7/7/11  See new letter bottom of page

SYLAR...."the smartest puppy in all the land!!!"
Sire:   Peace Creek's Sunset Flash
Dam:  Pojo's Makin Harley Time

Peace Creek's Miles of Style, CGC
"I did it...I did it"
"MOI ?!"
"I'm a comin', Mama!"
" Peace Creek Lily"
8  weeks old
Lily is Mariah's
litter- mate !!!  
She's gorgeous too.

just a note to let you know how happy I am that you sent Bailey to me.  
If she were not such a tomboy, she would definitely be my “princess”.  
She is a sweetheart and I cannot imagine life without her.  She has the
friendliest disposition, she has never met a stranger and everyone who
meets her just loves her ‘cause she is so irresistible.  She is Oh!
sooooo smart and super easy to train.  She loves children and other
dogs, loves to play ball of any kind & enjoys being where the action is.  
I think when she grows up she either wants to be a cowgirl or the
goalie for a soccer team.  Thanks again for my new “best buddy”!  
Dear Charlotte,
I wanted to write and let you
know how much we enjoy
Lily.  She has been a great
addition to our family.  She
goes to obedience class,
and is doing very well.  I
hope to get her into agility
training.  Thanks again.  Lily
at 6 months old in this

Patty and family
Lily at 6 months
Sire:   Peace Creek's Mr. Majestyk
Dam:  Peace Creek's Simply        
Spotted Freckles
Sire:   Peace Creek's Tigereye
Dam:  Peace Creek's
Amazing                Grace (Patsy)
Sire:   Peace Creek's Mr. Majestyk
Dam:  Peace Creek's Blue Cinder
Sire:   Peace Creek's Tigereye         Dam:  Peace Creek's Amazing  Grace (Patsy)           
These pups are from Smooch's and Sable's
10/09 litters.
I wanted to touch base with you, since we promised
we'd send you pictures of our little man! Maverick is
doing just great! He's an extremely happy puppy who
loves being outside and playing!  His markings get
more and more beautiful each day and we could not be
happier to have him in our family!  We get compliments
every time we take him on a walk of his beautiful soft
coat and markings and he loves to say hello and get
petted by anyone.  We have already taught him how to
sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and crawl! Please see
attached for some pictures from us! The last picture
was taken yesterday, so you can see how big he is
now compared to the first picture which was a week
after we got him. Thanks again!
Kristin & Andrew & Maverick
"See me FLY"  02/28/10
Hi Charlotte,
I can't believe it's been a whole year since little Lucy was born. I am so
sorry I am just sending an update to you now. I wanted to let you know
that she is still the sweetest little girl. She and Lairy absolutely love each
other. They play together all the time. Lucy loves going to the dog
beaches here in San Diego. She has a pink squeaky rubber ball that she
loves to chase into the ocean. My husband throws it really far out and
she hops almost like a dolphin over the waves until she can't touch, then
she swims to get the ball. Lairy chases the ball until the water gets up to
his knees and then he just waits for Lucy to go all the way out and get it.
Once Lucy gets back to the shore, Lairy steals the ball and brings it back
to Miguel like he did all the work. It's pretty funny. I have attached some
pictures. She has grown so much! She just got spayed about 3 weeks
ago, and she is all healed. Thank you again for sending me such a sweet
little puppy :)   SARA


JULY 6, 2010

Sire:   Peace Creek's Buddy         Dam: Pojo's Makin Harley Time
Loved and Spoiled Rotten by her "mom" Tanya and her  four legged
"brothers",  Chance and Copper.
    Dear Charlotte:

    Just a short note for you to place on your “Happy Families” page.  
    Darla Ann (AKC registered name: Peace Creek’s Darling Darla) is
    the center of my world.  She is a kind and loving dog with a big
    heart.  She is always happy and always interested in everything.  
    She is bright, outgoing, and very intelligent.  She is a type “A”
    personality without being hyperactive as some aussies tend to be.

    She just turned seven months old last week and has already
    graduated from Basic Obedience and successfully tested for her
    CGC (canine good citizen) certification.  She is currently enrolled in
    Competitive Novice Obedience and I am confident that she will do

    Her plan for the next two years is to earn her C.D. and C.D.X.
    obedience titles, hopefully with high enough scores (195 or higher
    in first three attempts) to qualify for a Dog World Award.  She is
    not just a beautiful face…….she has a plan, and the brains and
    ability to achieve it........ as long as Mama can keep up.

    Thank you for Darla Ann.
Sept. 27,  2010      Little Miss Darling Darla is turning into a VERY SPECIAL
dog with very unexpected talents.  In the last few months, Darla has begun
"alerting" to seizures in her "brother", Chance, an elderly toy poodle,
BEFORE he has them.

Today, Tanya, Darla's owner and my youngest sister, called  to tell me that
she had a mole removed from the back of her calf.
The reason she had it removed was because Darla kept on sniffing
it.....repeatedly.  The dermatologist laughed at her when she said she
wanted the mole removed because her dog sniffed it.   The biopsy results
came back today as squamous cell carcinoma!!!!!!   She goes tomorrow to
have the perimeter margins removed.

Darla is the second dog from Peace Creek with this type of ability.  The
other one is Sylar,  my sister's and niece's dog, shown above.  He is able to
alert to my sister's respiratory spasms BEFORE they occur.  Sylar will also
"alert" to a dog or puppy that has worms,  even if it's a stranger!  Both Sylar
and Darla are Harley's offspring, from different sires.  See Harley on our
dam's page.

We're very proud of these dogs and their abilities and hope to investigate
further as to how to develop these talents to be useful to others.   Charlotte
See the note below at Darla's graduation
announcement to find out about Sylar's and Darla's
"medical abilities"!!!!!

Sylar is now a certified Service Dog and goes
everywhere with my sister, very proudly, in his
new vest.  See new letter at the bottom of this

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write you! We got one of
your beautiful baby girls from Smooch and Panda, and
named her Moo (she grunts like a pig, and Moo is pork in
Thai)! She's been wonderful to have around. She's so full of
energy! She loves stuffed animals, and ice! She even runs
when she hears the ice machine (the picture of her sitting
and looking at the camera is when she's waiting for her ice
cube). She just went in for her last round of shots about a
week ago (right at 4 1/2 months) and gained 3 lbs from the
month before; the girl loves to eat! In fact, she sleeps on her
bowls frequently. Ha! She loves to run around the backyard
and chase the birds and butterflies that she'll never catch
because she's far too loud. She really loves tennis balls. She
likes to gather all of her toys together before she'll play with
one (which takes a while, because I'm a little toy crazy!).
She's such a smart little thing, and has the funniest attitude!
A definite sense of humor. The picture of her under the table
is her response to her pig costume I got her for Halloween!
Obedience school is next on the list for this little girl, and of
course more updated pictures will come along with that!
Thank you for letting us love your little girl, she's the perfect

Jessica, Pat, and Jori
Hi Charlotte,                                                                                       Dec. 2010

just thought you would like to see Enzo today. he turned one nov 16. He is such a
beautiful boy and a joy to our family. he is so lovable (my husband calls him the love
muffin :) ) and very playful(loves to fetch and play frisbee all day long) the kids just love
him, my middle son says Enzo is his best friend. I hope you and your grand-children are
doing well. have a blessed and wonderful Christmas. May the Lord bless you all.
Angel, Frank & the boys.           
           Enzo is the son of Rainbow & Panda.           
Jan 7, 2011

Hi Charlotte,
Just wanted to check in and let you know that Miss Penny
is doing just WONDERFULLY !  In this short time she has become
so comfortable with us and she LOVES Elvis !  They get along
splendidly and he is finally overcoming his fear ( he's such a
lil' chicken ) and wrestles with her....they are so cute to watch.
He only marked once ( right when she walked into the room the
first time ) and has been just fine ever since....Geez, these dogs
are so incredibly smart and willing to please...LOVE the AUSSIE !

Penny has a warm and loving personality and shows almost
NO FEAR of anything, even though so much of all this is a brand new
experience for her.  She took to Elvis IMMEDIATELY and they are
becoming best of friends.  She's a LOVELY creature and we couldn't
be happier with our decision and purchase.

Thanks so much and Penny sends her love,
Jimmy, Jade, & Jordan Lange
Hey there!   It's Corinne, just wanting to send you some pictures of
Roxi Bear!  She's doing great and shes as happy as ever.  I get so
many compliments on what a good dog she is.  Shes very smart and
friendly.  And EXTREMELY beautiful.  Shes learning so fast!  She
knows sit, down, speak, paw, high five, watch me, stay, and still
learning many more tricks.  Shes me and Brents world and we just
want to say thanks again for everything :)
Sire:     Panda                                                            Dec. 22, 2010
Dam:    Smooch                          
Hi, we are the family that brought home the one year old blue eyed boy.  My
husband said you had called asking how he was doing.  He is doing really

He is walking on the leash now, even though we really don’t need it,
because he won’t let you out of his sight.  He is getting along well with all
our other animals and is a very loving boy and everyone really likes him.

My son named him Sniper.  I will attach a picture of him lounging with my
son watching the superbowl.  Thank you again for letting us take care of
him.     Lauren
Sniper and his new best
friend.   Sniper is the son
of Patsy and Roly.
Hello (:
I bought my black tri puppy
from you.  Panda and Miley
were the parents.  I absolutely
loooooove my new puppy,
Riley.   We're going to puppy
class and shes doing very
well.    My whole family fell in
love with Riley and she has
more toys than we can count.  
Shes great with people.   
Someone commented she was
the most socialized pup.  She
rarely barks and when she
does its so adorable.  

Thanks love to hear from you(:
Riley,  Daughter of Miley and Panda  2/10/11
Feb. 11, 2011     Jazzy's and Jessie's  first day in Belgium.
These sisters are daughters of Patsy and Looker.
Their flight went as planned. without any hitches, and they're just
glad to be out of the crate and to be able to explore their new
home in Belgium.
Feb. 14, 2011

Hi Charlotte,

I have been meaning to send updates of Rosie, but have been busy.  She is doing wonderful and is a
Love.  She is such a sweetheart that she captures everyone’s attention no matter where we go.  We
take her to the dog park daily to get some of her excess energy out.  At first she just sat near, or on,
me but now she runs and plays with the other dogs.  She has her favorites and it is evident.  She runs
and chases a ball but prefers to keep them “herded” together rather than actually giving them back to
me.  She does all of the agility equipment as if it is no challenge. (Although it is not very large.)
Her whiskers are black on one side and white on the other and one ear goes forward and one to the
side.  This just adds to her charming character.  Now that she has been spayed, we can start formal
obedience classes although she is good with sit and improving on stay.  She is a nibbler rather that a
gulper when it comes to food.  I do wish she ate a little faster as they say it makes training easier
because you can use food as an incentive.  The only “snack” we have found that she likes are the
expensive ones of course.  She has discovered that the kitchen counters contain food that smell
good, but so far has not figured out how to get to it.  I expect she will figure out how to go from the
chairs to the counter unless we watch her carefully.  Thank you again for trusting us with one of your
special 4 legged children.  We are truly enjoying her.

Hope all is well with you.

Violet Rose, daughter of Bitty and Looker,
littermate to Sweet Pea (Painted Lady)
Hi Charlotte,                                           March 5, 2011

See how much I have grown. I start obedience classes tomorrow. Already
I sit, down, come and sometimes stay. I still chase the cat a lot though. I
went in the lake but just a little ways. No swimming last weekend. Mom
did not want to give me another bath. You can still see where they shaved
me for my surgery, but my hair is growing slowly.  I hate to be left alone
and cry a lot when both Mom and Dad are gone. I suppose someday I will
get used to it. They think I am the cutest dog ever.

Love, Rosie
Here are some more
pictures of Riley (: She
graduated from puppy class
today! And starts her new
intermediate class soon.
3/6/11  Ready for her daily
run.  She carries the
clean up bags, camera, etc.
in her packs.  Her "brother",
the dachsund, is in the rear
basket...just can't quite
keep up..... ..she's full
speed ahead!
Dear Charlotte:

Just a  note for you to place on your
“Happy Families” page.
Jacob              Male blue merle
Red                 Male red merle

Both my wife and I are so very happy
to have them in our Family. They are
such fun. When we found Jacob at the
Lake Wales Gone to the Dogs he was
so cute. As we waited for the day we
could bring him home we would visit
you and that is when I saw Red.  Well
when it was time to bring him home,
my wife and our daughter went to get
Jacob. My wife surprised me with Red
when they got back and now we have
both. Even our horse Amber enjoys
them. With such busy lives, what a joy
to come home and be with them. They
love walks. I so recommend a puppy
from you to all our friends. They, too,
will bring happiness to their lives.

Thank you RDRanch “Happy Family”

P.S.     It is so funny... we watch a
movie and they join in on the popcorn.
3/19/11  Red and Jacob came to visit and had a ball playing
with Lilly.
So I have had a few friends go over my girls lately to help
choose suitable mates and evaluate their strengths and
weaknesses and everyone really likes Jewel.  She has really
grown into a nice girl and is far nicer than we predicted at 8
weeks :)  Who said puppy puzzles were 100% ?????   So I
took Jewel to the NAKC show this weekend and she won her
class, went Winners Bitch AND Best of Winners under 3 of the
7 judges!!!!! :)  (She won her class and went Winners Bitch
under 5)  So she picked up 7 points towards her MASCA,
NAMASCUSA AND NAKC championships!!!!!!  So MULTI CH
Brassy Acres Peace Creek Jewel HERE WE COME!!!  I am so
thrilled!!  She even beat my boy Ranger!!  He won his class
and went Winners Dog under all 7 judges and went Best of
Winners under 2!  

Also I dont know if I told you but both Mariah and Jewel
CERFed clear and they are both MDR1 Normal and PRCD
clear!!!!  Mariah's hips are OFA EXCELLENT and I will do
Jewels in September!!!

So thank you Charlotte and I will send you a win photo when I
get it! :)
Jewel is a littermate to Twister,
Keeper, Topaz, and Jolly.  She is a
daughter of Patsy and Roly.   

Bailey- daughter of Belle and Marty.  
Her home is with the Chadderton family
in Florida.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

She's the littermate sister to Junior on
the Sire's Page.
Hi Ms. Charlotte...                                                                     July 7, 2011

This is Trooper Mayo....my Mom is helping me write you a letter and tell
you want an amazing dog I am.  I just turned 2 so I'm a really grown up
big boy now.  My best attributes (I must say) is my Australian butt ;-) and
my adorable face. I have shared some pictures of my life this past year
with descriptions under each picture.   

Well, this was not one of my finer moments.  I decided to jump off the
front porch and that darn rose bush clipped my ear.  I can't say I learned
my lesson exactly but I sure know I didn't like the lamp shade I had to

My 15 year old brother Iceman and I....My Mom and Dad tell me I'm a dog
but this cat thing seems pretty ok with me too.  Iceman goes potty in a
liter box downstairs so I decided I should go potty there too.  Iceman has
a cat door to the basement so I decided I should use the cat door too (my
Australian butt sometimes causes me some problems getting in and out).  
Iceman sleeps on the corner of the couch and I decided I should sleep
there too.  Iceman lays on my parents stomach when they watch TV so I
have decided I will lay there too.  I'm sad to say that Iceman died a few
months ago and it's been pretty hard on me and my family.  We miss him
dearly but I will continue to be confused about whether I am a cat or dog
if it makes my mommy laugh.  

My first snow fall....I LOVED IT!  The only issues that threatened this
perfect moment is those darn reindeer in this picture.  They actually tried
to attack me but no worries I attacked back and had that reindeer on its
side. :-)  

This is where I sleep.....I am very protective of my mommy so I will sleep
right under her bed even though some would say I don't fit. They call my
legs frog legs when I lay in this position.  

My 12 year old brother Bailey and I....I'm not sure where my parents sit
but this is where we sit.  

As you can see.....I live a FABULOUS life!

My 10 year old sister Piper and I at Easter.  She was having a hard time
finding her basket so I let her know where it was.  I was pretty proud of

I gotta say I love that girl....

Thank you Ms. Charlotte for taking care of me when I was a baby so I
could go live with my family.  I hope you have peace knowing I'm as
happy as any dog (or cat) ;-) could be.  They love me so much that my
mom is getting a little choked up right now writing this letter.  She says I
complete them!!!!

Big dog kisses to you,
Trooper Mayo and family (Raindi, Chris and Piper)
Lily-2 yrs & Lucky-17 mo
Trooper is the son of Marty
and Cindy.  See earlier
letters nearer the top of this
Hi Charlotte!                                          July 26, 2011

I'm sorry it has taken so long to send these
pictures.  The little blue merle pup is doing great!!  
Her name is Smokey and everyone loves her.  :)  It
took a few weeks but Twister, our 7 year old collie,
has also accepted her into the family.  We can't
believe how fast she is growing.  She is getting so
tall.  As we expected, she is very smart.  We have
started a puppy training class and she already has
sit, down, and come well learned (come can still be
tricky when she is distracted).  She has also
learned to ring a bell when she wants to go
outside.  Needless to say, we proud of her and love
her alot.  We hope that all of the other pups are
doing well with their new families.  We hope you
enjoy the pictures.  We will send more as she gets

Lynn and Barbara
Smokey, daughter of Rainbow & Panda, summer 2011
July 26, 2011
Hi Charlotte!  Here's the latest pic of Brody.  He is a
beautiful pup!  He is fitting in great and we love him to
pieces. I'll try to get some new pics of Roxy. She is
gorgeous and growing up so fast!  They are both
awesome!  Thank you for letting them be a part of our
family.  Take care!  Krista, Rodney, Austin & Taylor
Roxy-daughter of           Brody-son of Belle
Rainbow & Panda               & Panda
August 2011- 1st birthday
Daughter of Smooch & Panda
email us:
Charlotte,                                                  9/17/11
Hi my name is Lili S----, we purchased a puppy
from you back in Nov 2009 and we are looking to
expand our happy family and get another one.
Maximus is such a good boy, so sweet and good
natured extremely loving he is the best! I love his
temperment. He came from the Freckles and Kyu
litter -great puppy.  I see that you bred Sissy and
Cotton, and she is due mid October. Are their
personalities similar to Kyu and Freckles? If so,
we might be interested in a puppy. I absolutely
loved the Tri with the blue eyes that you have on
your website, she is beautiful. I have attached
pictures of our current family, so you can share
on your website if you wish :) Please keep us
posted on the puppies birth, we would like to see
pictures and possibly choose one.


Maximus is the son of Freckles and Kyu.
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Oct. 23, 2011

Today was Rileys first birthday (:
All the pictures are from today.  She doesn't like
the party hat, but it's adorable.

Riley is the
daughter of Miley
& Panda
Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to let you know that Dean is doing great! He is almost
completely house trained and knows sit and down. We are still
working on roll over. He is a ball of energy and fun and constantly
seeking to be the center of attention. Lately his favorite activity is
sleeping under a bed or table, completely ignoring his dog bed.
Thank you so much for introducing him to us, he has only brought
joy into our lives.

We hope all is well!
Thank you again,
Gabriel                                          pictures soon
Happy Families with
Peace Creek Miniature
Australian Shepherd
"We have found our forever homes."
Dear Charlotte:                                                                         Nov. 4, 2011

We wanted to give you an update on our wonderful little man, Sylar.  He is, in a single
word, FANTASTIC!  There couldn't have been a more perfect, made to order dog in the
world!  He's SO sweet, courteous, kind, highly intellegent, so easy to train, and a perfect
gentleman.  Well, it sounds as though she's talking about an actual man, you may think!  
Not on your life!  I've never met a man that could compare, and rest assured I've met
plenty of good ones.  In all seriousness, there's not one thing we'd change about him.  
How did we get so lucky?

This guy (Sylar) is our trash man, our mail man, recyc. man, our guard, the perfect
companion, and my certified service animal (interestingly, he can detect a serious
episode caused by a neuromuscular disorder before it happens).  And, yes, I know that
many think that a service animal isn't supposed to be considered a "friend" or
"companion", but I beg to differ.  When he sees his working vest come out, he's
transformed into....you guessed it, the perfect service animal.  We ARE having a "hiccup"
after a loaded grocery cart shamelessly ran him over and just kept on going.  He's now on
high alert for the monster that surely resides within the confines of grocery cart walls that
is just waiting to leap out to get him!  

It seems he was born to please, Charlotte.  He's always surprising us with new things he
thinks up to do (we even caught him uprighting a turned over waste basket).  As with most
dogs, I think that you get back what you put in to them.  He's with us pretty much 24/7 so
he obviously gets lots of quality time, and it helped that we started obedience
immediately and he completed several of those courses, as well as rally, agility classes
and, as previously noted, service animal certification.  The ease with which he learns is
absolutely amazing.  Even more astounding is what he learns by watching us.  I could give
you so many examples but your readers would probably think I'm stretching the truth.  As
a matter of fact, this is my second draft because when I read the first one, I sounded like
an arrogant bragger!  :-)

By the way, he's is now going on 3 years old, is 52 pounds and 19 inches, and absolutely
gorgeous.  He's fit, healthy and as far as I can tell, very happy.  We know you like to keep
up with these things.

Again, thank you so much for breeding Flash and Harley, otherwise we'd never have
known the joy that was missing in our lives.  --Love your website!

PS The pic with the dark background doesn't do justice to his blue eyes as I accidentally
altered their color when I took the redeye out.  Sorry!
Did you say
"KITTY"?  Which way
did it go?
Reporting for duty, ma'am
SYLAR...."the smartest puppy in all the land"......according to his family, and I have a tendency
to agree with them.   See his earlier letter near the top of this page.  He's the son of Harley &
Flash.....and he's absolutely amazing!!!
Peace Creek's Miles of Style, CGC

*** 11/19/11 ARBA Show Results ***
(6) 1st Open Bitch; (3) Winners Bitch; (1) Reserve Winners Bitch; (2) Best of
Winners; (1) Best of Opposite; (1) Best of Breed; (1) Group 1 and (1) Best In
Show, Finishing her MASCA, NAMASCUSA and IMASC championships and
gaining 3 points towards her ARBA Championship!!!!

*** 4/23/11 NAKC Show Results ***
(7) 1st 12-18 Month Bitch; (5) Winners Bitch; (3) Best of Winners
Picking up lots of points toward her MASCA, NAMASCUSA, IMASC and NAKC
Chloe, 3 years old.  She is the daughter of  
Marty & Mockingbird's Hot Shot Honey.  
Lives in FL and is loved and spoiled by the
Buck family. Beautiful girl that looks just like

We just wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with the addition of
Tuti to our family. We absolutely adore her and she is so smart. She
learns very quickly, which is a testament to you as a breeder.
Within hours of arriving at her new home, she was already running to
the back door to go potty outside. She is already learning simple
commands and we constantly get compliments about how beautiful and
intelligent she is. We were always big believers in rescues, but we
couldn't be happier that we decided to get a puppy from you. After
researching available info online, we found that you were the best
option (being a nurse, etc) and we are sooooo happy we went with your
pup. She is everything we wanted and needed !! And, her new daddy is
really pleased with the fact that she shares her birthday with the USMC
Thank You Soooo Much ! Let us know any time you need more
pics......I'll be happy to oblige.

All Our Best Now & Always,

Eric & Lynev
(Tacoma & Tuti, too !)
August Images
Charlotte,                                                              4/23/12
Hope all is well with the new litters and that all the pups are
healthy! We bought the cute blue merle with deep copper from
you about a month and a half ago and he is just AMAZING.
Naturally he still has his puppy moments where he gets in to
everything he shouldn't, but for the most part he is absolutely
wonderful. He is growing so fast and just weighed in at 14 lbs.
He gets his last shots on Tuesday so we can go to the dog
parks now! He already knows sit, shake, high-five (there's a
photo of this), lay down and roll-over. I have attached some
pictures for you to look at how big he is :)
Brittany & Chip
May 21, 2012

Hi Charlotte!

I just wanted to send you some more pictures of Aiden since
he's a year old now. He's a big boy! Literally, almost 45
pounds! But he's doing great, he's very affectionate and
lovable and has a great personality, and tons of energy. So
glad that we got him!

Aiden is the son of
Belle & Panda and
littermate to Sara &
Hi Charlotte,                                                    8/4/12

I bought 2 puppies, a male and female (Angel & Roscoe), from
you on February 5th, 2012.  My daughter and I drove up from
Key West - not sure if you remember us or not.  I'm happy to
say that my daughter and I absolutely love them!!  They are 2
completely different dogs, but are the best of friends when
they get together.  
They are fantastic dogs - well behaved, good with people, and
are our constant companions.  I will send some pictures to
your email.

Anyway, I am interested in purchasing another puppy from
I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.  Our
Angel and Roscoe are like our children - just adore them!

Hi Charlotte,                                                  8/2/12
Both of her parents are the perfect sized dog and
gorgeous, I think Belle looks a lot like her mom now that
she's getting a little older. She is turning 7 months old
on August 6th, she is just shy of 17 inches now and
weighed in yesterday at 28 pounds. She's getting so big
:)  Everyone she meets always says she is the most
beautiful and well behaved dog they have ever met, and
she has the most striking eyes.

I would love for her pictures to be up on the Happy
families page. I am including some more I actually just
took today for you to see.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs,

Dear Charlotte, hope you are fine.
I bought a black tri female puppy last year, maybe you'll
remember me from the car I drove (a Mini).
I also want to let you know, that Mia is a healthy and happy
dog. No doubt she has a great personality, dominant but
kind and charming. She has a daily dose of exercise,
climbing mountains and running. She often joins us when
we go to the beach and travels with us every time we go to
pet friendly places. We love her so much!

Amanda H.
Mia, daughter of Reba &
Flash.  DOB  11/18/10

Hi Charlotte,

I'm attaching a photo of Red with my
pretty good life. He is also a therapy dog
and visits the troops, has children read to
him at the library and cheers folks at
nursing homes. He also enjoys agility
classes. (He was a natural herder but it
was difficult to find places for him to train
so we had to give that up.)
Hope to hear from you.

Iris C.  
Redford, Son of Gracie and Rusty
Hi Charlotte- We think Barney
is very happy in his new home.
Thank you for him.

Lynn & Family
Barney- son of Patsy & Roly-
and his very own kid.
DOB 7/22/12

Hi Charlotte!!

Well Harley made the 2 1/2 hour trip with flying colors. Slept in my lap the whole
way! He has so far been the absolute best!! He has made trips to PetCo and
Tractor Supply where he was the hit of the party. He drew crowds and I am not
exaggerating. We found the "kibbles" you recommended so that his diet wouldn't
change, he seems to take everything in stride. Already knows where the doors
into the house are and is not afraid to let us know that it is "too darn hot"
outside. By the way he is in love with air-conditioning!!

We are so amazed at how quickly he has adapted, he slept in his " man cave"
last night without a whimper. Today he has a new play pen that he will try
tonight and when camping. He learned quickly what a tennis ball is and has his
favorite " Harley Davidson" chew toy that he carries around. We are sure to
keep him occupied with chewy things as the furniture can't take little teeth!!! He
loves praises so much for going to the potty outside, he even has started to
whimper a little (only the first day home too!!) when he feels the urge , Andy
takes him out and he produces!!!

Tomorrow he has his first physical with his doc, she will LOVE him. I will pass
along more pics and reports on his progress. Honestly, if he keeps on
developing the way he is doing, he will be to darn smart for his own good!!!
Andy is totally in love as I am with this little guy, thank you so much, we couldn't
be happier!!!

We send our love to all the little guys and your family, hoping that they find
loving "parents" too, inclosed are some pictures taken this afternoon, again on
his first day "home".       Jean & Andy
Harley- Son of Smooch & Roly
DOB  7/12/12
10/12/12  His mom is birdsitting for
Granny, so he's checking out Pete
the cockatiel....who is 28 years old!!!
I AM a service dog after all,
are you sure you dont need
help with that burger?

Dear Charlotte,

I wanted to write you and express the immense amount of joy
owning a puppy from your litters has been. Today, Jan. 17th, is
Darwin's 1 year birthday and he has grown into a strong, healthy
young dog full of life and love. Darwin is smart, curious, beyond
loyal, social, playful, gentle, hard working and just the right kind of
mischievous trouble maker to keep me smiling at his antics. In
short, he has been the ideal dog, far surpassing my expectations. I
cannot express in words the bond Brittany and I have with Darwin
nor is there a limit to the happiness he brings into our life.

Enclosed are a few photos, just a glimpse into Darwin's first year.
Thank you for letting Darwin into our world.

All the best to you, your family and your pack,

Chip P.
See previous
letter from April
2012.  Son of
Scarf and Panda
    Hi Charlotte,                                                                 2/5/13

     Just wanted to give you a quick update on the puppy. We've named him
    Loki and it only took him 2hrs to learn it. He's going to be a very
    very quick learner. By the end of his very fist full day with us he
    already knew to whine to let us know he had to go out. Now just have
    to work on him going to the door. He absolutely adores Roger and
    watches his every move when he's awake and moving around the house. He
    goes down the steps like a champ and this morning he finally went up
    them all by himself. Can't keep him away from the cat toys though he
    keeps on insisting on chewing up their fuzzy mice lol. This morning he
    seems to be finally sure of his place in the home. He's being very
    outgoing and vocal, barking at the cats and his toys, it's so darn
    cute. The cats are finally getting use to him, they are still not sure
    if they like him but at least they are not running from him anymore.
    He's already turning out to be a gem and I just know as he grows and
    learns we are going to love him more and more each day. Thanks again
    for letting him come live with us, he's already such a blessing to us, especially
    Roger. I'll keep you informed as he progresses and grows :)

Charlotte,                                                                        4/24/13

We adopted our Max from you in Nov. 2010. He is out of AMAZING
GRACE AND LOOKER. I have been meaning to write you for a while. I
check in time to time on your website. I wanted to include a photo of
Max who is now 2.5 yrs old now. He is the baby of our family and
knows it! We live in a neighborhood of Aussies owners, as we all
have over an acre, but none can compare to our boy! He is the most
beautiful blue merle double blue eyed Aussie we know, and we think
you will agree... See attached!
Thank you,
The Lopez family
Gainesville, Florida
Hi Charlotte!

We just wanted to give you an update on Oliver, son of Scarf and
Panda born July 12, 2012.

Oliver is doing great in his new home and we love him so much! It took
a little time for his older brother (Rocky) to warm up to him, but now
they are best friends and follow each other everywhere. Oliver loves to
wrestle and run with Rocky and once he is tired out he likes to
snuggle with his parents on the couch. He is an extremely affectionate
pup and loves attention. He is super smart and a very fast learner. He
loves to play fetch and he is currently learning to catch discs. We are
so happy to have Oliver as a part of our family and we can't thank you
enough for bringing him into our lives!

Trevor, Leslie, Rocky & Oliver
Jacksonville, FL
Charlotte,                                                         6/28/13

I know in my last email to you I was angry that our Oliver
ended up being over 30 pounds, the limit by our
condominium association.  I no longer care, and no one else
is bothering me about his weight.

All our neighbors love Oliver.  He has become the mascot of
our condo complex.

He is a wonderful dog and we love him to pieces.  A funny
thing happened when we went to the green market a couple
of weeks ago...

We were there about 60 seconds when we came upon
another miniature Aussie Shepherd that looked exactly (and I
mean exactly) like Oliver.  We talked with the owners and
came to find out that they got their dog, Cody from you.

Attached is a picture I took, but getting them both to stand
still was impossible.

.  =Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we appreciate
your "breeding!"

West Palm Beach, FL
Attention:    I  apologize for any missing or damaged
photos on this or any other page of this website.  
They were lost during a recent computer  crash and
I was unable to retrieve them.