Hi Nana!

Mommy said I did great on the ride home!  I watched out the window for awhile and
then laid down and took a nap.  I met my brother, Baxter and we hit it off right away!  
Baxter showed me where to potty outside and Mommy gave me lots of praise when I
went pee!  (All those hugs and atta boys are great…I could tell Mommy was happy!)  
Would you please look up my birthday for my new vet?  Thank you for everything you
did for me to make me so sweet.  Thank you for picking my mommy and daddy for
me.  I have to go for now because I have more exploring to do but I will send you
more messages and pictures of me and my new house.  Say “hi” to D and to all my
Aussie friends.

I love you,    Chance
Hi Nana,

Here are some pictures of me chilling out after I got home yesterday.  It was a big day
and I was tired!  I slept in my new crate last night on my big pillow and I only cried for a
few minutes.  Mommy put Baxter’s crate by me so that I could see him and we both
went to sleep.  Guess what I learned today.  I know the word “sit” and I can do it all by
myself!  There is only one thing that puzzles me, why does Mommy get so excited
when I go pee outside?  Is that a big deal?  You should have heard her tell me what a
good boy I am when I went to the door and then went out to pee!  Mommy gets excited
about lots of stuff!  Well, I’ve got to go for now…

Love to everyone,

Hi Nana!

Guess what?  Today I started school!  Mommy put the choke chain and leash on me and
said they are my “school clothes”.  We went for our first long walk.  I learned “heel” and
to sit at the corner when Mommy stops walking.  At first I didn’t like the traffic but
Mommy said it was okay and if I stay beside her it doesn’t bother us.  Mommy kept
walking and telling me to “heel” which I learned means to walk right beside her.  We had
fun and I didn’t even mind when a big dog barked at me because Mommy said, “Don’t
pay attention to him, Chance”.  Mommy said I did GREAT!  It was fun going for a walk
with Mommy.  I got a treat because I did such a good job and didn’t pull on my leash or
try to tug Mommy down the street.  She says that’s what good dogs do!  (I like to be
called that!)  Anyway, now I’m going to take a little nap.  

How is the Chihuahua?  Did she have her babies?  I hope they are all fine.  Give my love
to everyone…

Love,   Chance
Hi Nana!

It’s me again…today Mommy and I had “school” again.  We went for a longer walk
today.  Mommy said we went about a half mile (whatever that is)!  Anyway, I think I
understand what “heel” means because Mommy said I did an EXCELLENT job.  When
Mommy says, “Excellent, Chance”, she is very HAPPY which makes me HAPPY!  

Do you know what, Nana?  When Mommy and I do our walk Mommy says, “Chance,
sit” every time we come to a corner because we have to watch for traffic.  Today I did
“sit” every time Mommy stopped to watch for cars and Mommy didn’t even have to
tell me!  That made Mommy say, “EXCELLENT” again!  (I think I really like that word!)

I also learned the word “wait” at the door until Mommy says it’s okay to go out.  
Mommy says its bad manners to “charge” the door.  I am also learning that to go out in
the front yard I have to have my “clothes on”.  (That means my choke collar and leash
and I sit for that, too!)

harder than “sit”.  Today we also worked on “stay”.  That’s a really hard one for me
because I want to get up and come to Mommy for loves.  Mommy would take me back
and tell me “down, Chance” and “stay, Chance” and after a few times I did it just right.  
Again, Mommy said, “EXCELLENT”!

After that I got to have a cheese cube which I think is my favorite treat.  Then Mommy
let me play “tag” and “fetch” with her because those are my favorite games.  Now I’m
really tired and I need a nap!  

Mommy says that maybe she can work on a little book called, “Chance Goes To
School” and you could give it to people who take puppies home so that they will learn
manners and have “forever homes”.  Mommy says it makes her sad when puppies
have to go away because their people don’t understand how to teach them to have
good manners.  What do you think of that idea?

That’s it for today.
Love,  Chance
Hi Nana!

I just had to tell you what happened today!  Mommy and Daddy and I went to the park for
our school time.  We went in the evening this time because Mommy said there are more
people and dogs there at that time (it was Mommy’s day off so we could go in the
evening).  It is really different at that time of day.  It gets pretty busy because all of the
restaurants are open then and there are lots of people, cars and dogs.  Also there are
such neat smells in the air from all of the restaurants.

Mommy and I walked and met several people out walking their dogs and lots of people
said I was such a nice boy and even called me beautiful!  Mommy said, “Thank you” to
them and then she told me that they were s-o-o-o right!

We walked through the park and sometimes Mommy would stop and I know to sit when
she does that.  We are working more on “down-stay”.  Mommy says I’m doing much
better every day.  Today Mommy said, “Chance, Down” and I did that, then she said,
“Chance, Stay”.  A lady came up to me and tried to get me to come over to her but I
looked at Mommy and she said, “Chance, Stay” and I DID WHAT MOMMY SAID!!!!  You
should have seen the great big smile on Mommy’s face!  She said, “Excellent, Chance”!  
While I was on a down-stay Mommy dropped the leash and both Mommy and Daddy
walked all the way around me and then they stepped right over me.  I stayed right
where I was and I didn’t move until Mommy said, “Chance, Come”!  What do you think of
that?  Mommy was so happy that she gave me a big hug and said, “Excellent” about a
hundred times!  Daddy said, “Wow!  Awesome Chance”!  I did so good that I got to have
a frozen yogurt for a treat!  That was a great way to cool off after working hard.

Mommy said I had to tell you because you would be proud, too.
Love,    Chance
Hi Nana!

Here are some pictures of me and Mommy having our school time in the park.  Can you
see how I paid attention to Mommy even though there were other people and dogs in
the park?  I have been work on my “down-stay”.  That’s hard for me but I am getting
better every day.  Now Mommy can walk all the way around me and I don’t get up until
she says, “Chance, Come”!  Today we walked out on the pier and watched the dolphins
for awhile.  Mommy says, “Excellent”!

I hope everything is well there.  Give my love to everyone,

Love,   Chance
Hi Nana!       

I’m sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I thought I would let you know how I’ve been doing.
Mommy says I’m just EXCELLENT!  When I want to go for a walk I bring Mommy my leash!  I
sit while Mommy gets my choke collar ready and then I slip my head inside!  I love going
places with Mommy and I am always a good boy in the car.  Mommy says it’s very important
to be good in the car so that we don’t have an accident.  She says to lie quietly on the seat
and that’s what I do!

I got to meet my “big sister” Andrea, when she came to visit from Indiana.  She just fell in
love with me and spoiled me rotten!  I love her, too!  She even says, “EXCELLENT” just like
Mommy !

Love and kisses,
Hi Nana,

Here are some pictures of me and my “brother, Baxter” that I thought you might like
to see.  Baxter and I like to look out the window to see what’s going on outside.  I like
to do whatever Baxter does but some days he is really grumpy!  Mommy tells me not
to bug Baxter but I just want him to play with me.  Mommy says that when I feel
better she will take me to the dog park to play with other dogs.  I think I will like that.  
Mommy said to send you my new pictures because she says I’m gorgeous!
I’ve got to go for now because Mommy says I have to have a bath and I am looking
for a place to hide!Say “hi” to everyone for me.
Love always,   Chance

Merry Christmas Nana!  I thought you might
like some new pictures of me now that I am
2!  Mommy says I’m so handsome!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

With love,

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Chance was a puppy so obviously intelligent, good natured and
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was finally healed and is now a healthy young dog.

These are letters written to me by Chance and forwarded by his very
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