Please read our Sales Contract.  If you buy a dog
or a puppy from us, you are automatically  agreeing
to the terms of this contract whether you sign it or
not.   We reserve the right NOT to sell to anyone.  I
also reserve the right to first pick of any litter for
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Miniature Australian
For Sale in Florida
Availability is current as of April 6, 2017
July 6,    2014
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    Occasionally we have "leftover" puppies .....nothing at all wrong with them....they just didn't
    get chosen for one reason or another before they outgrew the "little puppy" stage.... they
    didn't have "enough" white,  the economy, or the time of year.  A lot of people think that
    you have to get a very young puppy in order to bond with it and house break it.   Sorry,  it
    just AIN'T so!!!  Many of my breeding dogs were obtained as adults and now they're all
    completely devoted and loyal to me alone.

    Any of these dogs or puppies will make excellent family pets, and as always, pets are sold
    with limited or no registrations unless prior arrangements are made.  Buyers are
    responsible for all transportation costs and the prices listed are for pets only...

    NO breeding rights.     
left:  Scarf                        center:  Scarf & Sugar,                                right:  Sugar
Dallas' and Rusty's daughters, Harley's granddaughters.  Both have two blue eyes,  
DOB Aug, 2009.   Standard size-about 20".   Way too big for my program, Downsizing!
Strong Herding Instinct.  
For Sale as PETS ONLY
Must be spayed.      
Peace Creek's Double Your Options, aka
Copper, son of Marty and Harley, full brother
to Panda & Chip.  16",  DOB 11/6/12.  Very
mild little guy, on the shy side.  Will make a
wonderful pet for someone with a little
patience.  PET ONLY, must be neutered.